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Submitted on
July 9, 2013


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R.I.N.G.S Contest! Cash Prizes

Tue Jul 9, 2013, 9:55 AM

The contest is now over! See the winners here! :eager:

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope everyone is doing groovy today :D  Has summer been good to you thus far?

Anyways, what is this journal sporting a lovely CSS by miontre about?  Well, another contest! :w00t:  Unlike the Tilted Contest, there are 4 characters to choose from (even if one isn't "technically" a R.I.N.G.S. :lol:).  Like the other contests I've held, there will be cash prizes for this one as well :eager:

Now that the random introduction is out of the way, onto the good stuff :w00t:

Contest Objective

:star:Draw the current R.I.N.G.S.:star:

You can draw one of them, all of them, some of them, doesn't matter! Just draw them! :lol: If you want only want to draw Hiromi and Gina or you just want to draw Saturn-Tan, it's A-ok :D  Your piece just needs to include at least one (1) R.I.N.G.S.

What are the R.I.N.G.S.?

R.I.N.G.S are Ranked Intelligent New Genetic Species.  Each R.I.N.G.S. has a rank.  Their rank is determined by the number of scars that they have on their thighs.  This number corresponds to the number of "Unlocks" the R.I.N.G.S. has.  So, a ranked 3 has 3 Unlocks.  Charlie is technically a R.I.N.G.S. but he was in the HLE contest :XD:

Who are the R.I.N.G.S.?

Now we are into the meat and potatoes of this contest :eyes:  The following 4 characters are who you are to draw for the contest.  Again, your piece needs to have, but is not limited to, at least one (1) character per entry.  You can draw more than that if you feel so inclined :D


Hiromi Figure Pose by Damaged927Demonic Descent by Damaged927
Desert Oasis by Damaged927C - Hiromi by airanaFor Damaged927 by emperpep

  • RANK: Level III
  • PARTNER: Stick
  • LIKES: Strawberries, Ellie, Eleanor, Gina, Himeko, Lynne, Charlie, Marshmallows, Blue, Dress up & Costumes, "Ellie" Suit
  • DISLIKES: Scary things, being ignored, misunderstanding, having people frightened of her
  • CLOSEST RELATIONS: Ellie, Himeko, Lynne
  • ABOUT: Hiromi is as naive and as innocent as it gets.  She speaks in the 3rd person and is quick to declare that she understands something when she clearly doesn't.  She is hyperactive and genuinely happy to exist.  She loves to get into costume and it takes bribery to get her out of it.  Fortunately, she can be bribed with strawberries.  She believes that they are a super-rare commodity like diamonds.

    If Hiromi gives you a nickname you will never be known as anything else to her.  You will always be named whatever she decided your name was.

    Hiromi is currently the highest ranking of the girls.


Pantsu Giii~ by Damaged927Gina and Eleanor by Damaged927
.:that stalker girl:. by Miss-It-GirlCommision: Miss-It-Girl by ProofMe

  • RANK: Level II
  • PARTNER: Hime
  • LIKES: Himeko, Himeko's clothing, Himeko, Himeko's underwear, Old Cartoons and Anime, Drugs, Himeko, Oases, Sexy Lingerie, Himeko, Busting Balls, Himeko
  • DISLIKES: Ellie (not really), Himeko ignoring her
  • ABOUT: Gina has an obsession with Himeko.  To outsiders it looks completely unnatural but for Gina it is normal.  Just about everything she does she does for Himeko and is always by her side.  Himeko is her everything.  When everything else is going wrong for Himeko Gina will still be there for her.

    Her favorite activity is rummaging through Himeko's underwear drawer and/or dirty laundry since "it smells like her giii~."  Her entire wardrobe is comprised of clothing that she "appropriated" from Himeko.  Her name, Gina, is derived from the *Giii~ sound that she makes when she stares at her.  Initially she only said it when she stared but, over time, it became a verbal tick for her.

    She almost never opens her eyes.

    * Giii~ is pronounced with a J sound.  Like Jiii~


Gina and Eleanor by Damaged927Who cleans Charlie's poop? by Damaged927
.:the mini maid:. by Miss-It-GirlCM- Lynne and Eleanor by soruyuki

  • RANK: Level 1
  • PARTNER: Sweeples
  • LIKES: Cleaning Products, The Board, Lynne, Hiromi, Gina, Ellie, Shipping, Idol Music, Making Tea
  • DISLIKES: Himeko's teasing, people speaking badly about cleaning products
  • CLOSEST RELATIONS: Lynne, Ellie, Hiromi
  • ABOUT: Eleanor is a diligent worker and loves to clean and make tea.  She is a maid through and through.  She is nervous and stutters often.  Lynne introduced her to the internet where she likes to write blog reviews about her favorite cleaning products.  She, like Lynne, is often the target of Himeko's teasing.  She loves pop idol music and thoroughly enjoys sappy romance.

    She is the lowest ranking.


Super Moe Object - Saturn-Tan! by Damaged927Puny Human! by Damaged927
C - Saturn by airana:thumb371598717:
Saturn-Tan is not TECHNICALLY a R.I.N.G.S.

  • AGE: Unknown.  Himeko theorizes it is as old as humanity.  Probably older. She's not even sure it is from their world.
  • LIKES: Fixing, Creating, RINGS, more to come as I build up her character.
  • DISLIKES: Apparitions, Gina (perhaps?), Fire Hoses, Fake Silver, more to come as I build up her character.
  • CLOSEST RELATIONS: Himeko, Lynne, Eleanor, Charlie, more to come as I build up her character.
  • ABOUT: Saturn-Tan is just Saturn in a humanoid form.  Saturn is integral to the entire series.  She takes on the form of a loli for a reason but I don't want to mention it yet.  Gina will likely hate her for it though :XD:  She is a very typical Tsundere and likes to be addressed as a she (even though she is actually genderless and an it).  This is probably because almost everyone she has met (recently at least) has been female and that is what she connects with the best (or feels is normal in this time).  She also finds being called "it" insulting.  She can only maintain her humanoid form while she is in contact with or with in a few feet of her pedestal.  The minute she leaves the pedestal she returns to object form.  

    Himeko theorizes that Saturn is as old as humanity, if not older.  That does not mean that Saturn knows everything.  To the contrary, she doesn't know too much.  This is likely because she was holed up in that temple with no access to anything for millennia.  She's not stupid though and can be taught.  


Every contest has rules right?  I've learned in the past that the best set of rules are a short set of rules :XD:  Here they are.

:bulletred: You must draw at least one (1) of the R.I.N.G.S.  This is a visual art contest.

:bulletred: The characters must be humanoid.  No animal renditions or pony-ized versions please :nod:  

:bulletred: When you are completed, upload your work to your deviantArt gallery and send me a NOTE with your entry.  If you leave it on my front page or one of the journals I may miss it.

:bulletred: You can enter more than once but you can only win one prize.

:bulletred: It must be 100% your own work (meaning no collaborations).   This includes the use of adopted bases. Adopted bases are a collaboration and are, quite often, traced.

:bulletred: No traces, copies or reproductions.  Period.  If I even suspect you traced or stole anything you will be disqualified.  I loathe tracing :rage:

:bulletred: It has to be a work made for this contest.  This means the picture needs to be submitted to your gallery after this journals post date.  It also means that you cannot enter a picture I commissioned as it was not made for this contest :)


The prizes are slightly different this time around since I got so many great entries in the Tilted contest.  I had a hard time narrowing down 3 winners so this time there will be runner ups :D  

:bulletblue: First Place! ($50 US Dollars) :bulletblue:
I will pay this out through PayPal.  If you do not have PayPal I will give you the equivalent amount of points (4000).

:bulletblue: Second Place! ($35 US Dollars) :bulletblue:
I will pay this out through PayPal.  If you do not have PayPal I will give you the equivalent amount of points (2400).

:bulletblue: Third Place! ($20 US Dollars) :bulletblue:
I will pay this out through PayPal.  If you do not have PayPal I will give you the equivalent amount of points (1200).

:bulletblue: Runner Ups (x3) : 400 points each! :bulletblue:
Each runner up will receive 400 points

Of course, these prizes assumes there will be good turn out for the contest.  If there are not a lot of entries I will most likely only have a first and second place winner :nod:


I will pick a winner based on which one I consider my favorite.  Of course I will look a technical abilities, how well you depicted her and how interesting a piece is but in the end, I am just going to pick my favorite :heart:


:bulletgreen: The DEADLINE is 8-September-2013 at 11:59 EST (Eastern Standard Time) :bulletgreen:
You can check the timezone here.  I live near Boston so use that as your guide ;)

And, yes, I did check what day 8-September is.  It is a Sunday :XD:  During the HLE contest I needed to extend since it ended on a Thursday.  This was evil on my behalf.  This gives you about 2 months and a week.  Due to how long the contest is and the fact that it is ending on a Sunday means there will be NO extensions.  I don't like giving them so I am saying this up front :nod:

Need more info?

The R.I.N.G.S. come from the world of Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu that currently has one volume on sale. This has all the canonized information that is available :nod:  If you have a kindle and Amazon prime, you can borrow it for free :meow:


Free Chapters

Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu - Saturn - Chapter 1 by Damaged927Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu - Saturn - Chapter 2 by Damaged927
Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu - Saturn - Chapter 3 by Damaged927Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu - Saturn - Chapters 4 + 5 by Damaged927
Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu - Saturn - Chapter 6 by Damaged927Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu - Saturn - Chapter 7 by Damaged927
Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu - Saturn - Chapter 8 by Damaged927Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu - Saturn - Chapter 9 by Damaged927
Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu - Saturn - Chapter 10 by Damaged927Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu - Saturn - Chapter 11 by Damaged927

Art Collections


:bulletred: Can a piece be traditional or digital? :bulletred:
I don't care what medium you make the piece in.  You don't get any extra "points" for using one or the other.  I am judging on quality not how it was created.

:bulletred: Can I enter? :bulletred:
Of course!  The contest is open to everyone :party:

:bulletred: Does it have to be anime/manga styled? :bulletred:
No, not at all.  Just cause I draw anime/manga that doesn't mean I don't like other styles; it just means I don't make art in those other styles.  If you want to draw them in a realism/western/adventure time style then go for it :D

:bulletred: Do I have to draw all of them? :bulletred:
Nope, you can draw 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of them :nod:

:bulletred: They are from the YnK universe so Himeko, Ellie and Lynne are there.  Can I draw them too? :bulletred:
Most certainly!  You can find examples of them in these collections.

YnK Visual Art
YnK Fan Art

Just make sure you include at least one (1) R.I.N.G.S. in the picture.  Himeko, Ellie and Lynne already had their contest :lol:

:bulletred: You said no adopted bases, can it be a doll/pixel art? :bulletred:
Sure can so long as you made the base for the doll.  I also like pixel art so I am not opposed to it at all.  

Adopted bases, on the other hand, make the piece a collaboration and those are not allowed.  Also, a major chunk of "bases" on dA are traced right from anime and I hate those :rage:

:bulletred: Does it have to be colored? :bulletred:
Not at all!  Tones looks quite nice yes.  It should be more than a line art though.  Unless it is gods gift to line art the likelihood of me selecting a line art as the winner is almost nil.

:bulletred: You keep saying "draw", can I do something else? :bulletred:
I'm using the term "Draw" kinda loosely.  Of course, I do mean it as "Drawing" but I also use it to mean "Paint", "Pixel", "Model", "Vexel" etc.  It would just be impossible to name all the visual mediums every time :lol:  

:bulletred: Do I need to draw a background? :bulletred:
No, you don't have to but I recommend it.  I like backgrounds and I think a picture looks complete when it has one.  Since I am the judge of this it might be a good idea.  Your call though ;)

:bulletred: Hiromi looks different in all her pictures, what way should I draw her? :bulletred:
Any way you want to :meow:  If you want to draw Demonic Descent, go for it.  If you want to draw her in her Military outfit, that is also groovy.  Hiromi likes to dress up.

:bulletred: Can I change her outfit? :bulletred:
Of course :nod:

:bulletred: Can it be a chibi? :bulletred:
Sure can.  It's your call as to what you make.

:bulletred: Does it have to be full bodied? :bulletred:
Nope!  It's completely your call on what you decide to draw.  

:bulletred: Can it be mature content? :bulletred:
So long as it doesn't break any dA rules then it is a-okay with me :D  All the characters here are of age.  They are technically ageless but they take on the age of... whoops!  Almost gave a spoiler :XD:

:bulletred: Tell meeee! :bulletred:
No :grump: :lol:

:bulletred: Do she have to be doing anything? :bulletred:
No, you can draw her standing there if you want.  You can draw her however you want.   Just like backgrounds, I like scenes so keep that in mind ;)

:bulletred: Can I gift the prize to someone else? :bulletred:
Sure can.  I will ask the winners when I choose them if they want the prize or if they want to donate it.

:bulletred: Can I enter more than once? :bulletred:
You sure can.  You could enter 50 times, I don't mind :XD:  You can only win one prize though.   This means if one of your entries wins a prize then your other entries cannot win a prize :nod:

:bulletred: I'm done with my entry, now what? :bulletred:
Note it to me!  Leaving it on my front page might cause it to get lost :nuu:

:bulletred: When is the deadline? :bulletred:
The DEADLINE is 8-September-2013 at 11:59 EST (Eastern Standard Time).  You can check the timezone here.  I live near Boston so use that as your guide ;)

There will be no deadline extensions.


You can find the entries in This Collection :)


If you have a question that is not answered in the F.A.Q. please feel free to ask me through note or a comment here.  

Good luck! :heart:

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LovelyIcePrincess Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is my updated second entry made a bit of technical  changes and hope you still like it
Damaged927 Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have recollected it :D  You know, you don't need to submit a new deviation to make changes.  You can just edit the deviation to upload an updated file :)
already sent note with entry, but I thought I might as well post here too :)

Damaged927 Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pocolla Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
my entry :…

i hope you like it 
Damaged927 Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hooray! Thank you for entering! :party:

Just a quick note (and yes, it is totally copy-pasta :XD:). As I do not want to potentially show any form of favoritism and/or hint at who might win I will not be commenting on the entries until the contest is over :nod:
LovelyIcePrincess Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
here's my second entry :

I hope you like it Heart 
Damaged927 Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hooray! Thank you for entering again! :party:

Just a quick note (and yes, it is totally copy-pasta :XD:). As I do not want to potentially show any form of favoritism and/or hint at who might win I will not be commenting on the entries until the contest is over :nod:
Oh, I still have time! Good thing I draw fast~
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