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January 8
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RINGS A/C Contest! [closed]

Wed Jan 8, 2014, 11:39 AM

It's Over!

Remember, the deadline is 17-March-2014 at 11:59AM EST!

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope everyone is doing groovy today :D  How has your New Year been thus far?

Anyways, what is this journal sporting a lovely CSS by miontre about?  Well, another contest! :w00t:  This contest will be different than the other contests because it won't just be focusing on a character(s) so much as it is to bring them to life :eyes:

Now that the random introduction is out of the way, onto the good stuff :w00t:

Contest Objective

:star: Draw characters from the R.I.N.G.S. universe engaged in action or combat! :star:

My story has a lot of action and combat in it (even if I am not that good at depicting it :lol:) so for this contest you are to draw them doing something action-y or combat related.  

For example, you could have Hiromi jumping out of a Helicopter or maybe Ellie could be shooting up an Apparition (more on these later).  It's up to you.  Not all the characters are combat related (like Eleanor) so having them do something action packed (like defending Himeko from an onslaught of mutant dust bunnies using clean sweep) would be acceptable.  They just can't be static, they have to be doing something, somewhere.

Who are the characters from R.I.N.G.S.?

There are quite a few at this point so, in the spirit of keeping this short(ish) I will link to the page that has all of their BIOs and then list them individually with special pointers and references :eyes:

Now, let's break it up into references and special pointers :XD:

Dr. Eleanor "Ellie" Rowe

Ellie Nukem 2D by Damaged927The Patch-Work Mollusk by Damaged927Commission : Dual Breaker by Riki-to
Ellie uses both Assualt Rifles and Pistols as her primary weapons.  She is rather robust and has numerous scars from her adventures.  She served in the Military and achieved the rank of "Commander"

Dr. Himeko Inoue

Himeko's Office Space by Damaged927Troll Doctor Himeko Inoue by Damaged927Contest Entry : Himeko by Riki-to
Himeko has almost no combat ability.  Nor does her giant serpent Charlie :XD:  He is a baby snake and is a giant wimp.

Note on Charlie
Charlie has 2 unlocks.  As he cannot speak to activate it himself someone else (usually Himeko) has to do it for him.  His first Unlock allows him to change size from his full, 30 foot long self to a pocket sized baby thing.  "First Unlock, Pocket Sized!" is the command.

His second Unlock is not named (just like his first is not named) and it causes him to set on fire and launch plasma blasts for a few seconds.  He then burns out and will not be of any use for days :lmao:  It is very powerful but it saps ALL of his energy and only lasts a few seconds.

Lynne Essor

Tech Girl Lynne by Damaged927It's Sending by potpoorriContest_Lynne by miyutan
Lynne does not fight.  Actually, she almost never goes outside :XD:  She is lightning when it comes to working on computers, servers and routers.


Hiromi Figure Pose by Damaged927Desert Oasis by Damaged927Hiromi... What are you doing... [CE] by keanove
Hiromi has 3 Unlocks.  Only the first two have been used and named.  Here they are (sorry for the random later manga page of first unlock :XD:  I don't draw it often :lol:)

First Unlock, Blade Form

In first unlock Hiromi's Eye's slant downward and they take on a red color.  Her nails also extend into a metallic color.  When Hiromi Unlocks she speaks normally and not in the 3rd person.

Second Unlock, Demonic Descent
Demonic Descent by Damaged927
In second Unlock Hiromi grows horns, a tail and wings and her eyes turn black.  She becomes rather sadistic and incredibly fast in this form.


Pantsu Giii~ by Damaged927Gina and Eleanor by Damaged927.:that stalker girl:. by Miss-It-Girl
Gina is a stalker of Himeko and has, much to everyone's surprise, a lot of combat ability.  She has never shown her second Unlock (good thing for Himeko :XD:)

First Unlock, Tentacle Love
R.I.N.G.S. C. 01 P. 08 by Damaged927R.I.N.G.S. C. 01 P. 10 by Damaged927
In her first Unlock Gina grows 5 tentacles (4 for use like Doctor Octopus and 1 for balance like Desco) and she can use them for, well, anything :XD:


Gina and Eleanor by Damaged927Who cleans Charlie's poop? by Damaged927Eleanor by daniwae
Eleanor is the mini-maid and she cleans up everything :XD:  Her only Unlock (she is Rank 1) has never been depicted.

First Unlock, Clean Sweep
During Clean Sweep Eleanor is capable of cleaning and entire sports arena after a game of trash and debris in under 45 seconds.  I need one.  I need an Eleanor.  She does this by phasing in and out of the 2 planes (similar to how Gina "teleports").


Super Moe Object - Saturn-Tan! by Damaged927Puny Human! by Damaged927Saturn-Tan by Kaizeru
Saturn-Tan IS Saturn in humanized form.  She has no Unlocks and is not really used for anything other than creating and fixing.  She is, more or less, all powerful though (so long as she is on her pedestal.  The moment she leaves she turns back into a golden orb and cannot activate with out the pedestal).


These are the main monsters of the story and have never actually been depicted (except on a yellow sticky when I was getting ideas :lol:).  The snail and stink eyes are basic minions who work for or with Apparitions but the Apparitions are like level bosses.  They are hard to explain without ruining the story (soooo I won't :XD:) but I will say that they are often tentacle-y monster-y things.  They also can be spider like or mantis like.  They are the things of nightmares.  Think H.R. Giger or Cthulhu :nod:  They are manipulative and cunning and highly violent and can be just about anything.  Though there are a few canonized they can be anything so feel free to design a monster or 2 for your entry :eyes:  

Need more info?

The R.I.N.G.S. come from the world of Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu that currently has one volume on sale. This has all the canonized information that is available :nod:  If you have a kindle and Amazon prime, you can borrow it for free :meow:

Yamaarashi no Kuiruzu

Art Collections


Every contest has rules right?  I've learned in the past that the best set of rules are a short set of rules :XD:  Here they are.

:bulletred: You must draw at least one (1) of the characters.  This is a visual art contest.

:bulletred: Presentation is important.  The prize for this contest is real money so, put the effort in.  I will not be accepting WIPs, sketches or pieces that have had no thought put into the presentation (E.G. crooked, dark, uncropped, photos) as entries.  

:bulletred: The characters must be humanoid.  No animal renditions or pony-ized versions please :nod:

:bulletred: When you are completed, upload your work to your deviantArt gallery and send me a NOTE with your entry.  If you leave it on my front page, rely on mentions or comment on one of the journals I may miss it.

:bulletred: You can only enter twice (2 times).  

:bulletred: It must be 100% your own work (meaning no collaborations).   This includes the use of adopted bases. Adopted bases are a collaboration and are, quite often, traced.

:bulletred: No traces, copies or reproductions.  Period.  If I even suspect you traced or stole anything you will be disqualified.  I loathe tracing :rage:

:bulletred: It has to be a work made for this contest.  This means the picture needs to be submitted to your gallery after this journals post date.  It also means that you cannot enter a picture I commissioned as it was not made for this contest :)


The prizes are slightly different this time around :)  Instead of having runners up I have made the prize worth a bit more :eyes:

:bulletblue: First Place! ($65 US Dollars) :bulletblue:
I will pay this out through PayPal.  If you do not have PayPal I will give you the equivalent amount of points (5200).

:bulletblue: Second Place! ($35 US Dollars) :bulletblue:
I will pay this out through PayPal.  If you do not have PayPal I will give you the equivalent amount of points (2800).

:bulletblue: Third Place! ($20 US Dollars) :bulletblue:
I will pay this out through PayPal.  If you do not have PayPal I will give you the equivalent amount of points (1600).

Of course, these prizes assumes there will be good turn out for the contest.  If there are not a lot of entries I will most likely only have a first and second place winner :nod:


I will pick a winner based on which one I consider my favorite.  Of course I will look a technical abilities, how well you depicted her and how interesting a piece is but in the end, I am just going to pick my favorite :heart:


:bulletgreen: The DEADLINE is 17-March-2014 at 11:59 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) :bulletgreen:
You can check the timezone here.  I live near Boston so use that as your guide ;)

And, yes, I did check what day 17-March is.  It is a Monday morning.  This gives you a full weekend before the deadline (and a few hours after I get up at 0530) to complete and finish an entry.  It's best not to wait till that day but I know you will ;P  There will be NO EXTENSIONS for this contest.  The deadline is over 9 weeks away :)


Read these carefully

All too often I get asked questions that are clearly answered in the FAQ.  If you are serious about entering this contest then take the time to read this entire article and FAQ.  Chances are it has the answer that you seek.  Sure, I don't have all the questions and answers here (I can't foresee every question) but I bet I have answered quite a few :XD:  So, read all of this prior to asking any questions please :)

:bulletred: Can a piece be traditional or digital? :bulletred:
I don't care what medium you make the piece in.  You don't get any extra "points" for using one or the other.  I am judging on quality not how it was created.

:bulletred: Can I enter? :bulletred:
Of course!  The contest is open to everyone :party:

:bulletred: Does it have to be anime/manga styled? :bulletred:
While the answer to this is actually no I honestly love that style the best.  So, the reality is, you can enter but I will most likely pick something that is anime styled.  Here are the winners to the previous contests:
R.I.N.G.S Contest Winners!This was, by far, the hardest one of my contests to judge @_@  I got so many truly beautiful entries that I really struggled with narrowing it down to 3 winners and 3 runners up.  I would love to have you all win but, alas, I have bills to pay and I would be broke :lol:  I will start commenting on all your lovely entries very soon :heart:  There were many so please bear with me :)
So, for the winners I ended up looking at not only technical skill but also how well the character was depicted.  Basically, how well the entry "got" the characters that were drawn (E.G. personality, body type, age, little details, etc).  Since I got so many technically gorgeous pieces how accurately the characters were depicted was the deciding factor :nod:
Now, without further ado, the winners! :w00t: :party:  
First Place!

:iconAlmeisann:Almeisann won $50 US Dollars!  I will pay this out through PayPal.  If the do not ha
Tilted Winners!Good morning everyone!
This morning I will be annoucing the winners of the Tilted Contest!  This was a ton of fun and I love how creative you all were with your entries :love:  Juding these entries was so difficult.  I already love every entry so picking just a handful to be the winners was really hard @_@  I really struggled picking them for this contest ^^;
But, after much deliberation, I was able to pick the winners!  I was looking at technical skill as well as how well the entry "got" Tilt.  What I mean by that is, which entries understood her and, for lack of a better term, got inside her head :XD:
So, without further adeau, here are the winners!
First Place!

:iconRiki-to:Riki-to won $50 US Dollars!  If they do not have paypal I will send the equivalent amount of points (4000)
Second Place!

:iconMansdefenderOakgrove:MansdefenderOakgrove won $30 US Dollars!  If they do not have paypal I will s
HLE Contest Results!Good morning everyone!  I bet quite a few of you have been waiting anxiously for this journal and here it is!  The winners of the HLE Contest! :party:
Before we get to the parts that everyone wants to see I have to say that I am totally blown away with the participation in this contest. :faint:  When I started it I thought I might get 15 entries.  Never would I have imagined that I would have received 43 entries! :omg:  Nor did I have expect to get so many excellent entries either.  The skill shown in these entries is fantastic and I seriously thank you all for taking the time to create such gorgeous renditions of my characters.  I seriously love them all and I have them all downloaded onto my phone so I can look at them whenever I feel like it :love:
Choosing winners was not an easy feat.  Like I said, I expected maybe 15 entries and the
As you can see, all anime and that is what I will most likely pick for this one too.  It's just what I like :heart:

:bulletred: Do I have to draw all of them? :bulletred:
Nope, you can draw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or all 7 of them :nod:  They just have to be doing something action-y or combat related.

:bulletred: You said no adopted bases, can it be a doll/pixel art? :bulletred:
Sure can so long as you made the base for the doll.  I also like pixel art so I am not opposed to it at all.  

Adopted bases, on the other hand, make the piece a collaboration and those are not allowed.  Also, a major chunk of "bases" on dA are traced right from anime and I hate those :rage:

:bulletred: Does it have to be colored? :bulletred:
Not at all!  Tones looks quite nice yes.  It should be more than a line art though.  Unless it is gods gift to line art the likelihood of me selecting a line art as the winner is almost nil.

:bulletred: You keep saying "draw", can I do something else? :bulletred:
I'm using the term "Draw" kinda loosely.  Of course, I do mean it as "Drawing" but I also use it to mean "Paint", "Pixel", "Model", "Vexel" etc.  It would just be impossible to name all the visual mediums every time :lol:  

:bulletred: Do I need to draw a background? :bulletred:
No, you don't have to but I recommend it.  I like backgrounds and I think a picture looks complete when it has one.  Since I am the judge of this it might be a good idea.  I think it would be really hard to depict some serious action or combat without a proper environment but, its your call ;)

:bulletred: Do the R.I.N.G.S. have to be Unlocked? :bulletred:
Nope!  :XD:  

:bulletred: Hiromi looks different in all her pictures, what way should I draw her? :bulletred:
Any way you want to :meow:  If you want to draw Demonic Descent, go for it.  If you want to draw her in her Military outfit, that is also groovy.  Hiromi likes to dress up.

:bulletred: Can I change the outfits? :bulletred:
Of course :nod:  Just make sure that they are still recognizable as my characters :)

:bulletred: Can it be a chibi? :bulletred:
Sure can.  It's your call as to what you make.

:bulletred: What counts as action/combat? :bulletred:
Um... action :lol:  I am not sure I can explain it.  Basically, it should look like they are doing something or fighting something.  Here are a few pieces that depict some action/combat:
Monster by Daikazoku63Untitled by l1990915Clockhearts: Lutte Empetre by MyOneHen
Comm: Challenge by futarinokizunarecon by kalkulationUnfair Advantage by Honoel
Duel by twilightzantRoad to sun by KaranaKTea with a View by firedaemon

And here are 2 pictures of Ellie as examples:
Ellie Nukem 2D by Damaged927
Not Action-y
She just wanted a shower by Damaged927

In the top piece she is clearly engaged in battle and action whereas the bottom piece she is just standing there.  I guess it should almost look like it was cut right from an action/combat sequence in an anime/manga.  Eleanor could be about to drop a kettle of tea (action), Lynne could be throwing a circuit breaker (action), Saturn could be making a R.I.N.G.S. (action) or Hiromi could be having a stand-off or eviscerating an Apparition (combat).  I can't tell you what to draw but that is what I mean by action/combat.  For instance, just having a tea kettle in hand is not act of pouring the tea is. They should be doing something not just be prepared to do something :giggle:

Use your imagination :)

:bulletred: Do I have to draw a monster? :bulletred:
Nope! :XD:

:bulletred: Can I genderbend or completely change a character? :bulletred:
Please respect the characters designs.  Also, please don't kill them :hmm:  They are kind of like my children, please don't kill them off ^^;

:bulletred: Does it have to be full bodied? :bulletred:
Nope!  It's completely your call on what you decide to draw.  

:bulletred: Do I have to add anything to my comment before asking a question? :bulletred:
No, you don't but I really considered it.  But, if you ask a question that is clearly answered in this FAQ (which tells me that you couldn't be bothered to read) I won't be answering you (not even to tell you to read).  It tells me that you are not serious about entering if you don't read everything :hmm:

:bulletred: Can it be mature content? :bulletred:
So long as it doesn't break any dA rules then it is a-okay with me :D  All the characters here are of age.  They are technically ageless but they take on the age of... whoops!  Almost gave a spoiler :XD:

:bulletred: Tell meeee! :bulletred:
No :grump: :lol:

:bulletred: Will you extend the deadline and/or tell me when there are the contest is almost over? :bulletred:
I will not extend the deadline but I will make periodic contest updates to remind you that the contest is going on :)  The best way to avoid the stress of deadlines and not knowing how to figure out what time it is (due to time zone differences) is to not wait till you are concerned about time zone differences :XD: ;)

:bulletred: Do they have to be doing anything? :bulletred:
Yes, they have to be doing something action or combat related.  I'll still collect entries that are static, for sure, but I will look at it as random fan art and not an valid entry :XD:

:bulletred: Can I gift the prize to someone else? :bulletred:
Sure can.  I will ask the winners when I choose them if they want the prize or if they want to donate it.

:bulletred: Can I enter more than once? :bulletred:
You can enter twice :)  This is to have entries focus more on quality rather than quantity.  In previous contests I would have people enter with different versions of the same picture and/or WIPS.  This isn't a lottery, it only takes one solid entry to win.  You can only win one prize though :)

:bulletred: I'm done with my entry, now what? :bulletred:
Note it to me!  Leaving it on my front page might cause it to get lost :nuu:

:bulletred: When is the deadline? :bulletred:
The DEADLINE is 17-March-2014 at 11:59 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time).  You can check the timezone here.  I live near Boston so use that as your guide ;)

There will be no deadline extensions.


You can find the entries in this Collection :)


If you have a question that is not answered in the F.A.Q. please feel free to ask me through note or a comment here.  

Good luck! :heart:

Skin by miontre
:star: Draw characters from the R.I.N.G.S. universe engaged in action or combat! :star:

My story has a lot of action and combat in it (even if I am not that good at depicting it :lol:) so for this contest you are to draw them doing something action-y or combat related.  

For example, you could have Hiromi jumping out of a Helicopter or maybe Ellie could be shooting up an Apparition (more on these later).  It's up to you. Not all the characters are combat related (like Eleanor) so having them do something action packed (like defending Himeko from an on-slaught of mutant dust bunnies using clean sweep) would be acceptable.  They just can't be static, they have to be doing something, somewhere.
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Eiyre Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aww, I missed it, Oh well, maybe next time.
Damaged927 Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't worry, there definitely will be another contest :D
moon-chibi Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i guess i got am confused with pm wow im an idiot wow
Damaged927 Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, it ended about 4 and half hours ago.  I'm sorry that you misunderstood the deadline ^^;
moon-chibi Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
w-wait its closed????? 
i-i thought that it ends today not yesterday huh?????????
im still doing the thing and its gonna take at least 4 hours so could you please wait omg ????????
Damaged927 Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry but I can't extend the deadline after clearly stating from the get-go that I would not extend it.  That is unfair to those who got their entries in on time :nod:
already send you by note ;;v;;
but i post it here too for anticipation
here's my entry
hope not too late and hope you like it :)
CE :: GO baby GOO !!!! by Avaloki
Anisa-Mazaki Mar 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
How can Boston's time be the same as my time?? It says 5:11 there and here it says 5:08 all in the AM.... O.O and I'm from Trinidad and Tobago o.o
Damaged927 Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No idea :XD:  But, there are 6 hrs remaining as of now :D
Anisa-Mazaki Mar 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Now there's four left. I'm almost done. So don't count me out yet :D
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